Monday, 10 December, 2012

GMAT Scheduling in Bangalore - June, 2013

As I start preparing for GMAT, I think the best way to keep myself motivated enough to study on a regular basis is to schedule a GMAT Appointment. I have come to understand that it takes typically 4-5 months of preparation for the GMAT and hence I wanted to schedule my GMAT in June, 2013.
However, there are some issues with GMAT scheduling presently in Bangalore. I checked the website and it shows that no dates are available in June, 2013. The dates for GMAT open for scheduling 6 months in advance and I tried for booking on 1st December when the bookings for June, 2013 should open. There are two centers for taking GMAT in Bangalore but No dates are available on either of the centers. I talked to both the centers over phone and they informed that the dates for Bangalore have not yet been updated as they are yet to receive any confirmation from " their Management". I seriously don't know what that is supposed to mean.
Anyways, for people in Bangalore who are in similar position as me, don't worry much. The guy over phone asked me to wait for a couple of weeks. I will update once I've successfully scheduled my GMAT. Wish me Luck and Stay Connected...!!!


  1. Hey Amit,

    Can u give me a feedback about 4gmat?

  2. Check the site for GMATpapers, materials, latest news and information. The materials helped me out a lot last year while appearing for GMAT. Do check them out.