Monday, 10 December, 2012

GMAT Scheduling in Bangalore - June, 2013

As I start preparing for GMAT, I think the best way to keep myself motivated enough to study on a regular basis is to schedule a GMAT Appointment. I have come to understand that it takes typically 4-5 months of preparation for the GMAT and hence I wanted to schedule my GMAT in June, 2013.
However, there are some issues with GMAT scheduling presently in Bangalore. I checked the website and it shows that no dates are available in June, 2013. The dates for GMAT open for scheduling 6 months in advance and I tried for booking on 1st December when the bookings for June, 2013 should open. There are two centers for taking GMAT in Bangalore but No dates are available on either of the centers. I talked to both the centers over phone and they informed that the dates for Bangalore have not yet been updated as they are yet to receive any confirmation from " their Management". I seriously don't know what that is supposed to mean.
Anyways, for people in Bangalore who are in similar position as me, don't worry much. The guy over phone asked me to wait for a couple of weeks. I will update once I've successfully scheduled my GMAT. Wish me Luck and Stay Connected...!!!

Monday, 3 December, 2012

QS World MBA Tour - Bangalore

Hi All, I am back again with one more experience sharing post from the QS World MBA Tour in Bangalore that I attended this last Saturday. The event was scheduled on 1st December at the Taj Vivanta Hotel on M.G Road here is Bangalore. The event started at 1.00 PM on schedule. To give you an idea of the scale of the event, 64 business schools participated in this event. I had attended “The MBA Tour” in Bangalore some 1 month back and that was more focused on US B-Schools. Here the representation was much wider with many schools from Canada, UK, Australia and Europe presenting at the fair. One thing that I didn’t like was that we were asked to PAY Rs 100 as participation fee. Although they gave a complementary bag and an issue of QS Top MBA Career Guide for early comers but it still didn’t make any sense to me. I shall post the Review of QS Top MBA Career Guide later on in some other post very soon. This post shall concentrate on the events during the MBA fair. A word of sorry here, although I wanted to visit all the schools but given the available time and my own focus on some particular schools I could not visit the whole lot of business schools who were visiting and so this post has limited information about the schools that I could visit.
Falmouth School of Business: This was the first seminar as part of the MBA fair. The main theme of the talk was that the business school puts a lot of emphasis on Creativity and embeds it in the curriculum. They offer a Full-time (1 year) MBA in UK and an Executive MBA program here in India wherein their faculties fly to India regularly to teach and help students. One special feature is that they have these Banks concept of talent management like Consultancy Bank. The participants interested in Consulting have to submit their CVs and then these CVs are mapped to companies. The mentor then helps the candidate in designing the curriculum so that the gaps can be filled between what is available and what is desired.
School of Inspired Leadership: The Falmouth presentation was followed by the SOIL presentation where the Alumni and a visiting faculty talked about the focus on Leadership given by the school.
The above two seminars were followed by a panel discussion on Studying in the UK. The panel discussion was focused on the competitiveness of UK business education vis-à-vis US business education. The representatives from the UK business schools iterated that UK was still a great destination to pursue business education and the situation was not as bad as being portrayed by media. Several concerns were raised by prospective applicants about the post-study work visa issues in UK but nobody gave a definite answer to it. Some students even shared stories of people not able to secure work visa after graduating from London Business School. So the picture of UK does not appear very bright as of now and with the condition in Europe, it does not seem to get better anytime soon. My personal opinion is thus to avoid UK for the time being.
MBA Fair
Talking of the post-study work visas, here is a great piece of news that I came to learn in the fair, although I had a rough idea about the same but it got clearer. If you do a 2 years (mind 2 years and NOT 18 months) MBA in Australia, you get an automatic post-study work visa for 2 years. Moreover, for a permanent residency in Australia, one needs to stay for 5 years. Thus, 4 years gets covered if you do an MBA and then only 1 year is the sponsorship required by an Australian company. Is that not great?
Similar is the news from Canada, if you do a 2 year MBA in Canada, one automatically gets a 3 year post-study work visa. This was the most important information that I could gather after talking to the representatives from the Sydney Business School and Rotman (University of Toronto). I then moved to the table of Goizueta Business School, Emory University.
Goizueta Business School, Emory University: Visiting this school was my most significant outcome from the MBA fair. After finishing the above seminars, I spent my almost entire time of 1.5 hrs at this business school. An alumnus of the Class of 2007 was present at the table and was sharing his take about various aspects of the Goizueta business school. The very energy with which he was talking about the business school was amazing. I could understand how great a time he had spent at the business school. He talked of the amazing alumni support. The alumnus was in the finance consulting domain. He shared his experiences of how the entire MBA thing was so much different in the US than in India. He could feel the difference and much better confidence than his Indian counterparts who had graduated from some top Indian b-schools. Goizueta is a great destination for people looking for Investment Banking and Marketing. Goizueta’s Leadership Development programs are great things and the alumnus kept on talking about it. He also talked of the alumni mentor program and how supportive the mentors are. One could contact the mentors at any given day at any given time and they were always available for him. Talking of Atlanta (where Emory is located), he said that Atlanta is like the New York of South and Emory is the best business school in the region which gives Emory a huge advantage in terms of local recruiting. My discussion with him then turned to Consulting and his experience of it. I came to learn much more about consulting but all that will come in a separate post on Consulting as a career.
So that is all from the MBA fair. On personal side, I am planning to schedule my GMAT and will let you know when I do. I have to kick-off my GMAT preparation too. Finally, it now seems that I am done with attending MBA admission seminars and have drafted a plan of action for me. I will post that and many other things very soon. Stay Connected..