Saturday, 27 October, 2012

Indian School of Business (ISB Hyderabad) - Bangalore Information Session

I attended the ISB Info session here in Bangalore. The session was scheduled to start on 14th October, 3.00 PM at The Lalit Ashok Hotel. I’ve been attending quite a few information sessions for some while now and by far this was the most interactive session. Here are my experiences of the info session.
As I said above, the info session was very interactive and that too by design. The session started with a 5 minute video on Why MBA, Why ISB kind of thing which they called as Curtain Raiser. It was followed by a sectional Q&A session i.e. a 20-minute slot was given for Q&A on the following topics – Academics, Careers, Life @ ISB and Admissions. Each section started with a brief overview of 2 minutes from the admissions officer and followed with Q&A with the prospective applicants. The great thing was that almost all the questions were fielded by the 9 alumni present there.
ISB is in the process of revising their curriculum (which they do every 5 years) and the suggestions will be implemented for the Class of 2015. As well known, ISB has now 2 campuses, Hyderabad and Mohali, and it was emphasized that both the campuses essentially the same opportunities in terms of academics and career opportunities. The two campuses offer the following specializations – Marketing, Finance, Strategy & Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Apart from this, the Hyderabad campus offers IT Management and Operations whereas the Mohali campus additionally offers Manufacturing and Healthcare management. For experimental learning opportunities, students at ISB work on real business problems from industry. The great thing about these projects is that ISB charges the companies for these projects and hence they are taken very seriously. The curriculum is well designed in collaboration with the associate schools of ISB like Wharton, MIT Sloan, Kellogg and London Business School.
On the careers side, ISB offers a very diverse set of opportunities. Now-a-days, Leadership Development Programs are quite popular which was very interesting for me, given my interests in General Management career. The alumni present were very enthusiastic about recruiting. Some concerns were raised by some applicants on having larger number of work experience. ISB has a SEC club which specifically works with such candidates to help them through the recruiting process. The Career Advancement Center at ISB helps in one-on-one mentoring by some very senior people in the industry who even help in selecting elective courses based on one’s career goals.
Life at ISB is great. The club activities, socials and the infrastructure are simply magnificent. The round of application doesn’t really matter from the applicant’s point of view. It was stressed quite a bit and I believe it. There were some questions on gap in employment and the admissions officer told that as long as there is a justifiable explanation for gap in employment, it is perfectly fine.
The formal session ended with this and we got in informal small groups with alumni and had some specific questions. Overall, the program is amazing and ISB is a great brand in the region. I’m definitely applying to ISB in the next year’s admission cycle.


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    Great post as usual. I have a question, According to your ersearch, Can you shed some light on why ISB compared to IIMA leaving aside 1 year v/s 2 year program.

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