Thursday, 16 August, 2012


This last month (June, 2012) I got an opportunity to attend COSPAR-2012 (International Conference on Space Research) as a delegate. I was representing my company at the Space Exhibition being organised at the venue. Let me tell you, it was truly an enriching experience where I got to sit through numerous paper presentations on all possible topics in Space Research ranging from Astrophysics, Space Weather, Orbital Dynamics, Lunar Exploration, Mars Explorations, Mercury Exploration, Solar Flares and the likes.

 Personally, I felt honored on having an opportunity to sit among the world's leading Space Scientists and Physicists. To add to the stay was the truly remarkable Infosys Campus in Mysore. Among my favorite papers were those related to MARS Exploration. There were some wonderful papers on prospects of long term Human Space missions of the likes of Human MARS missions.
And by the way, the MARS Rover, Curiosity has landed on MARS. I am very much fascinated by this mission. The successful landing shows the feat that mankind and science has achieved. This is specially in view of the challenges that were there for the successful landing of Curiosity. Here is a video from NASA that shows challenges of landing on MARS.

I truly hope this mission is a success. And I've heard that India is also planning to send an Orbiter on MARS.  I wish the mission materializes soon.
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