Monday, 23 April, 2012

Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012

I am now back again. It has been long since I have posted something. I was busy with some personal stuff. Things have sorted out now and I will try to be regular at posting my experiences and learning.
Recently, I have joined this FREE online class called Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012.
The class is being moderated by Prof. Chuck Eesley, Stanford University (Yes..! Its Stanford, USA and FREE). We are in team building stage now. For the first assignment, we had 10 people in our team. For this assignment we had to submit 5 Worst and 5 Best ideas with 1 individual submitting only 1 idea, Worst or Best. Unfortunately, only 4 people from my group submitted and based on each individual's evaluation of his team members, we were teamed up with 5 new members for the 2nd stage of assignment.
For the 2nd assignment, we were given a Worst Idea of some other team and we were supposed to tweak the idea to make it a Good Idea. The underlying principle is that no idea is a bad one. We can change some things and make a bad idea, an impressive one. For the submission of this 2nd assignment, we have to make a commercial which can either be a video, a presentation or a couple of paragraphs. My team is submitting a video and a presentation. My team mate, Pranay Bhardwaj, has done an excellent job of creating this video.

I have made this presentation, which first gives the Business Model of the Worst Idea that was given to us. Based on our brainstorming, we tweaked the idea and changed the B-Model. Here is our presentation

One great thing that happened through Venture Lab is that I got to meet many like-minded people. Yesterday, I went to meet the Bangalore based people who are taking this course. It was a great experience to meet all of them. I also met a Serial Entrepreneur who is currently into his 3rd venture. More on the meeting experience and what I learnt from it will come in next post.

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